welcomelogo Congregation Bnai Yeshurun, located in Teaneck, New Jersey, is an Orthodox synagogue of approximately 800 member and affiliate families that just recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. During that period, it has been the catalyst for the development of Teaneck as one of the premier Orthodox communities in the United States, with the full variety of local Jewish establishments as well as close to a dozen other shuls in our vicinity.

Bnai Yeshurun is a classic mega-shul - but in the variety of minyanim catering to different needs and personalities, we retain the small shul feel of closeness and camaraderie.

I try to bring a passion and verve to my activities - whether through my shiurim, drashot or activism. We are extremely proud to be in the forefront of American shuls that have fought for the right of Jewish settlement throughout the land of Israel, and even prouder of the contributions we have made to Israel - Sifrei Torah donated to six different yeshivot (in Yerushalayim, Hevron, the Golan, Elon Moreh and elsewhere), children's parks, mobile gyms/shuls for the use of soldiers of the IDF, and a bus for the residents of Hevron. There are plaques adorning the walls of numerous institutions and places in Israel honoring our efforts, of all which have given us a share in the mitzva of Yishuv Eretz Yisrael.

Personally, I am a graduate of Columbia University and Cardozo School of Law, amusmach of Yeshiva Bnei Torah (under the leadership of Rav Yisrael Chait, shlit"a), and practiced law for 13 years in New York City before coming to Teaneck and Bnai Yeshurun in 1994. Despite the shul's size, I make every effort to know every member family (i.e., if they want me to know them, and they want to know me) !

We welcome all new members who share our values and aspirations, and I look forward to greeting you in Bnai Yeshurun and, together, building the Torah community of tomorrow.

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky


Latest Announcements

  • Funeral & Shiva Notice - Moskowitz/Harrison

    Dear Members:

    We regret to inform you of the passing of Chaim Moskowitz, beloved brother of our member, Penny Moskowitz Harrison.

    The funeral will take place today, Wednesday, August 27, at 2:00 PM, at Boulevard Chapel, 1450 Broadway, Hewlett,
    Long Island.

    Shiva will be observed at the Moskowitz residence,
    976 South End, Woodmere, NY, through Shabbat.
    Further details to follow.

    If you wish to send a gold card, please call Arleen Cohen,
    201-837-5045 or Brenda Hanauer, 201-836-0484.

    May the family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

    The Chevra Kadisha
    Rabbi Steven Pruzansky
    Rabbi Ari Zahtz
    Steven Margulies, President

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  • Mazal Tov - March 21

    Regina & Michael Koenig on the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson Adam Koenig

    Sharon & Avi Green on being honored by Friends of Lubavitch of Bergen County

    Joshua Meier who placed fourth in the 2014 Intel Science Talent Search for his research on stem cell and cancer cell growth

    Morris Zimmerman on the birth of a great-granddaughter, a daughter to Abby & Joshua Kaufthal

    Andrea & Yosef Nissel on the engagement of their daughter Atara to Jonathan Chesir

    A special mazal tov to those who will be receiving their semikha this Sunday at YU's Chag HaSemikhah. Bergen County is proud to honor its 47 musmakhim (the largest from any community) particularly the 11 from Bnai Yeshurun! Mazal tov to Rabbi Eitan Aviner, Rabbi Eitan Bendavid, Rabbi Akiva Fleischman, Rabbi Zev Goldberg, Rabbi Ben Krinsky, Rabbi Binyamin Krohn, Rabbi Isaac Rice, Rabbi David Schlusselberg, Rabbi Tsvi Selengut and Rabbi Ari Selevan on their semikhah and Rabbi Zahtz on receiving Yadin Yadin. This Motza'ei Shabbat at 9:00 PM Yeshiva University and the Bergen County community celebrate the RIETS Chag HaSemikhah at a special Melave Malka at Cong. Keter Torah. Keynote address will be delivered by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks on "Lessons for Today's Jewish Leadership". RSVP online at
    www.yu.edu/chag/teaneck . For more information, contact Genene Kaye at 212.960.0137 or gkaye@yu.edu

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  • Mazal Tov

    Dena & Abie Feigenbaum, on the birth of a grandson, a son to Aliza and Mikey Harary
    Phyllis & David Savetsky, on the birth of a grandson, a son to Yehudis and Rachmi Savetsky
    Tzippy & Ari Gellman and Evelyn & Elliott Gellman on the bar mitzvah of their son and grandson, Avraham
    Arlene Goldis, on the engagement of her daughter, Adena to Jonathan Needleman
    Elisa & Chaim Wietschner, Lois Blumenfeld & Norman Sohn and Rickie and Alex Folkman on the engagement of their daughter and grandchildren Jordana Wietschner to Avi Levy
    Debby & Mark Teicher, on the engagement of their daughter, Rachel to Dr. Shalom Frager
    Meryl & Gary Hoffman, on the forthcoming marriage of their daughter Zahava to Jeremy Siegel

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  • Mazal Tov - May 24

    Rina & Lance Friedman and Janis & Danny Klein, on the birth of a son and grandson

    Ann Lewkowitz and Joseph Wolfowicz, on the birth of a granddaughter & great granddaughter, a daughter to Estie and Azik Schwechter

    Becky & Avi Katz, on the bat Mitzvah of their daughter Michal

    Sharon & Daniel Nussbaum and Marilyn & David Koplon, on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter and granddaughter Jordana

    Leah & AJ Schreiber, on the bat Mitzvah of their daughter Chloe

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  • Mazal Tov - April 26

    Sari & Ira Cooper, on the birth of a granddaughter, a daughter to Ally & Aryeh Cooper
    Linda & Mark Gruenbaum, on the birth of a grandson, a son to Sara & Ephraim Gervis
    Gail & Harry Landerer, on the birth of a grandson, a son to
    Suri & David Landerer
    Tamar & Gerry Goldfischer, on the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson Zachary Max Kohn, son of Jessica & Yehuda Kohn
    Elissa & Eric Melzer, on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter Zoe
    Linda & Joseph Appel on the engagement of their granddaughter Esti Klein to Moishie Winter
    Sharon & Eli Kolb, on the engagement of their son Yakov to Melissa Papir
    Rabbi Solomon Weinberger, Mrs. Frances Freed, and Mona & Itzy Weinberger on the engagement of their son and grandson Yosef to Tamar Glattstein
    Sima & Daniel Weingarten, on the forthcoming marriage of their son Uri to Sara Blass
    Beth & Yoel Greenbaum, on the birth of a son

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Teaneck, New Jersey 07666

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